Continuous leadership and qualitative leadership in prestigious races: 8,836 participants in the 2022-2023 endurance races

May 05 2023

The Abu Dhabi UAE Equestrian Endurance Season 2022-2023 witnessed sustained leadership in both the number of entries and the high quality of races. The season's calendar successfully hosted the participation of the best local and international riders and horses, alongside valuable prizes. A total of 64 races were held at the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba, the Dubai International Endurance City in Saih Al Salam, and the Boudheib International Endurance Village in Abu Dhabi. The comprehensive calendar comprised 39 races and championships, in addition to 25 qualifying races. Collectively, these events saw 8,836 participants, with 4,980 successfully completing the races, while 3,856 attempts to complete did not succeed. Nevertheless, the final outcome of the 2022-2023 season was deemed successful in all organizational and technical aspects, highlighting strong competition. Of particular interest is the fact that the calendar, developed by the Equestrian and Racing Federation in collaboration with village administrations, demonstrated a profound vision. It successfully offered a diverse range of races accommodating the significant desire of stables and trainers to include the largest number of horses. Moreover, it excelled in providing qualifying races for both local and international competitions requiring qualification for riders and horses. During the past season, the number of participants in races and championships reached 4,820, with 1,929 successfully completing the races, while 2,891 were unable to finish. In terms of participation in the qualifying races, 4,016 individuals took part, with 3,051 qualifying for higher levels, while 965 participants' attempts to complete were unsuccessful. Key Statistics: 3,051: The number of horses and riders who passed the qualifying races. 4,016: Participants in the qualifying races during the season. 4,980: The number of completions in the 2022-2023 endurance races. 64: Races included in the 2022-2023 endurance racing calendar.