Al Neyadi...a champion from start to finish with the first title in his racing career

Sep 09 2023

Ranking of the hero through the stages First: First - 01:22:03 hours. Second: First - 01:10:57 hours. Third: First - 00:52:45 hours. Fourth: First - 00:37:00 hours. Abu Dhabi (UAE Equestrian) The victory of the knight Omar Al Neyadi is of great importance to him, not because it is the first in his career, but he achieved a goal that he had been working on since his beginning with equestrianism, as being crowned in one of the Al Wathba village races is a dream that has always haunted him. The Neyadi rider rose to the podium as runner-up or third many times and was among the top ten in many races. Most recently, he was let down by the Cup of His Highness the President of a State over a distance of 160 km, when he came in seventh place on the horse of “Keskanibor Hippolyte”, which gave him his first title, the Federation Day Cup. . The lady mare awarded the title of the Federation Day Cup race to His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zaid Al Nahyan, the wolf of the President of the State, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Presidential Office, and he said: “This victory would not have been achieved without great confidence.” Which His Highness granted him permission to participate on the backs of Al Wathba horses,” and added: “This confidence gives us strength.” Al Neyadi, who started his career in endurance racing in 2018 and continued for five years, expressed his overwhelming happiness at winning the Federation Day Cup race title, his first title, as well as in the Emirates International Endurance Village races in Al Wathba, which he considers a good omen. Al-Neyadi, the horseman who led the race from start to finish, said that the race was strong because of the strong competition during all its stages, because the stables consider the Federation Day Cup their priority, praising the good “Scalibur Hippolyte,” and added: “This is the third time I have driven him, and in every Once upon a time, generosity was starving for the best. 4:03:15 Fares and Farisa Sharko in all editions leading up to Union Day since the start of the tournament in 2005. The time recorded by race champion Omar Elneidi, the distance of 120 km.