The Emirates International Endurance Village shares racing technology to Romania

Sep 06 2023

Bucharest (UAE Equestrian) With the support, care and interest of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the UAE, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of the Presidential Cabinet and President of the Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba, a team of specialists in the management of endurance racing systems in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, organized the eleventh edition of the Arab Shagia Cup race, and the Championship race. Romania International Endurance Race and the Commando Cup Endurance Race, sponsored by the Commando Stables. The races were managed by international referee Mohammed Al-Hadrami, Chairman of the Jury Committee, Dr. Saleh Al-Qubati, Veterinary Representative of the International Equestrian Federation, and the IT systems team from the Emirates International Endurance Village, and it enjoyed unprecedented success. The village has conducted many successful experiments with these programs in races held during the recent period, including the Sterling Endurance Race in Brisbane, Australia, the Shagia Endurance Championship Race in Sileshwara, Romania, and the Tom Colletti Historic Race in Brisbane, Australia. The next mission will be the Florac Race in France. It received great praise and full acceptance because it serves racing in an integrated, accurate and easy-to-use manner, and achieves justice among racers, and work is underway to develop the programs in line with future requirements. The results of the five international races resulted in the jockey Valentin Mialisa from Romania, riding the horse “New Hope,” winning the three-star race, a distance of 140 km, and the jockey Imoko Peter, from Romania, riding the horse “Al-Hatal,” winning the “two-star” race, a distance of 120 km, and winning the “two-star” race. » For youth and juniors, the distance is 120 km, the jockey Daniel Ioane riding on the horse “Everta”, and the one-star race for 100 km was won by the Bulgarian jockey Romana Shubanova on the horse “Dzhaz”, and the one-star race for youth and juniors for a distance of 100 km was won by the jockey Irina Macic from Romania on horseback. “Kahilan.” Three local qualifying races were held for a distance of 80 km, 60 km and 40 km, with the participation of 54 male and female riders.