Musallam Al-Ameri: We are keep to present all new ideas and initiatives that look forward to the future

Sep 07 2023

Bucharest (UAE Equestrian) Musallam Al Ameri, Director General of Emirates Global Endurance Village, expresses his gratitude for the interest and support received from His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the UAE, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of the Presidential Cabinet, and President of the Emirates Global Endurance Village. This support is extended to Al Wathba Endurance Village and the races it organizes and hosts, along with all the activities and events aligned with the ongoing development of work. The aim is to provide the best services to participants and fans of this noble sport. He stated, "The Emirates Global Village in Al Wathba has evolved its capability to present new ideas and visions that anticipate the future. The races contribute to the strength, excitement, and confidence of male and female knights by providing technical levels that satisfy their ambitions. This is achieved through the development of technical systems adhering to the highest standards. The technical team of the village has accomplished this through advanced programs that were tested in races within the village and extended to numerous races in other countries. The village has received praise, thanks, and appreciation, establishing itself as a pioneer in this field." Additionally, he emphasized, "The village's work team consistently endeavors to introduce new ideas and launch initiatives that positively impact all fields. This is done with the purpose of elevating endurance races in the village, both nationally and globally, to the highest technical levels, thereby enhancing the value of this sport."